Net Zero plan: 3 tactics from Salesforce, Tesco, and the UK

So what do SalesforceTesco and the UK Government have in common? You can’t supply to any of them without a credible Net Zero plan.

Collectively, that’s over 400 billion € in contracts and thousands of suppliers. 

From dairy farms to builders, software coders to pizza makers. And expect this to be a common trend with big business.

Every business is now financially motivated by its suppliers’ carbon improvements. Under the three scopes requirements of a Net Zero plan, companies cannot simply outsource their carbon footprint to a supplier far, far away.

Their bad is now the suppliers bad. The so-called ‘carbon boarders’ are being removed.

Many companies have just started vesting interest in the whole space.  Especially those who are not related to the sustainability business, never been too focused on COP’s or Green parties.

Most companies, got interested when the stick came out. Even though the carrot was always there – save the planet. 

But without the stick, it seems a lot of companies were willing to leave the saving to someone else.

But the stick; the loss of consumer sentiment and business, rights to supply, carbon tax, huge hikes in energy costs, is beating individual backs.

And the final touch, the UK’s Net Zero strategy, won’t let companies look aside anymore.

Every company should use the power of science and technology to have a Net Zero plan based on data.

That’s the wake-up call to every business: get serious on a Net Zero plan, now

And what do we mean by getting serious on a Net Zero plan? To know what’s required, how it’s measured, and what you can influence.

In summary,  if you’re still in climate change denial – your business is a ticking bomb.

So take your head out from under the covers, because catching up quickly is possible.

Not only to save the planet and your business.

But because a Net Zero plan is also about reducing costs. In most cases 100% return on investment in 3-5 years.

So being good ends up costing you less!

As we said, SalesforceTesco and the UK Government‘s Net Zero plans are starting to get a lot of attention.

Especially since public sector decarbonisation schemes are being deployed everywhere. And also, considered very important criteria for choosing suppliers.

To make things easier for you, we have analised some simple steps all of them have taken or are demanding from their suppliers to meet their Net Zero plans and strategies.

Getting started on your Net Zero plans and strategies in 3 steps

Step #1: Centralise

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

This is often the hard part, getting started by creating a single version of the truth. This is a central data repository for all data – including suppliers.

One that can accept multiple inputs, in many formats, from dispersed sources with varied protocols and permissions.

A solution that allows tiered interrogation and can be resourced to run AI.

We do this through a data lake technology because it’s the most efficient and scalable.

ebook intelligent data lake

Step #2: Visualise

Once you have all your data normalised and set in one place, you need to be able to understand it.

Here is where you will want to count on the help of carbon zero specialists like the guys from CoolPlanet.

With their software Clarity, they will get the unified data from your data lake system and give you visibility of the most relevant info about energy waste and consumption. All in real-time.

The software also highlights areas where energy spending can be reduced. And provides a practical tool to deliver to carbon targets. 

Since the data is centralised and the software involved is system-agnostic, a custom global watchtower can be built. And generate reports to match specific outputs and goals depending on the type of company or sector.

Step #3: Change

Now, you can design your decarbonisation strategy. Evidence and scientifically based, working on real-time data.

Like this one we designed for an industrial client:

Now all the data is in place and we have insights on consumption and improvement potential.

So your Net Zero plan culminates on a simple and constructive list of actions, making changes with predetermined outcomes.

Examples of simple changes based on our experience in decarbonization strategies:

First, our Ireland & UK Net Zero plan experts can work with you to design and implement carbon reduction strategies. These could be around facilities and solar PV, battery storage, Demand Side Units, LED lighting, EV chargers, energy efficiency etc.

We can help you with this.

Second, for some companies, adding other technologies to colled data can help with having a more global and real-time vision of large or mobile assets. For example, we often combine the data lake and Digital Twin technologies.

And last, include in your in-house team or trusted providers list expert judgment and a cost-benefit analysis modeling. This will allow you to know exactly what is achievable for you and what you are going to have to be accountable for (legally).

That’s how you will really achieve progress, costs reduction, and give a hand to the planet.

It’s like taking 2 steps backward in order to leap forward. The first two steps we can help you can start today.

If you would like to see more detail including success stories and insights from our experience in similar organizations, please book an appointment with the team, we look forward to speaking with you.