Learning Management System

The adaptable and comprehensive LMS that grows with you

  • Are you a mid-sized organisation, with offices and learning programs in many countries and languages?

  • Do you have lots of learning tools and content, all of with different styles, codes, inputs, and types?

  • Are you struggling to measure and manage learning compliance as the workforce is now so dispersed post-pandemic?

Graspway is an easy to implement, and affordable Learning Management solution to all your platform goals. Graspway unites the technology of the Open edX®, WordPress and G-core platforms to offer our users a powerful, simple and easy-to-manage tool.

This e-learning platform gives the ability to create and show your catalogue of courses as well as a virtual classroom for teachers and students where all the teaching activity takes place. It’s a complete platform with an admin control panel that manages courses, users, subscriptions, certificates, etc.

Graspway operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, which is scalable, secure, and adaptable to the number of users you need, from only 50 active users, up to 10,000.

Video demonstration

Product overview

How does Graspway help me?


Build value to your learning program



Always accurate knowledge of your collaborators



Scalable extension model



Accurate use, completion and adoption reporting



Minimize your own technical maintenance risk



Dedicated Support service


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Graspway easy to use?

Yes. Designed with common user dashboards and interfaces, the whole process is user intuitive, with a comprehensive support library.

Can I create an online shop/ecommerce with my courses?

Both the shared sites and your own space have Ecommerce /woocommerce.

Can it be personalised?

Of course! We can create the look and feel you want including your brand and corporate colours.

Can it be integrated with other payment gateways?

We can integrate the platform with different payment gateways according to the customer’s needs after evaluation.

Does it allow multi-language?

Yes, we can add as many languages as you need.

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