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UX – User Experience

Today’s digital product user is multichannel and we need to design processes and all their interfaces by including the range of devices in the concept and design method. Right from the prototypes, users generate data that allow us to measure the impact of the design.

Consequently, we can apply a cyclical and continuous redesign process to user interaction.

At neuroons we see the user experience as something objective and measurable and always as part of a process that can be improved with the data collected, which is why we sum up our approach as work-process-centred design.


Users are increasingly used to speech interaction with their devices, so we need to address this new interaction channel and build it into existing ones as naturally as possible.

At neuroons we draw on the maturity of speech-to-text and text-to-speech services to build assistants that streamline processes, for example to automatically resolve common support cases or provide useful information to operators interacting with users.

This technological maturity means the difficulty lies not in constructing the assistants themselves but rather in putting together the knowledge base to make training a bot easy and in integrating the assistant with the legacy to give it context about the end user.

AR – Augmented Reality

Just as we make operators’ work at their stations easier with the digital twins from IoT, augmented reality is an innovation field that can also bring useful information to maintainers who perform field work.

It is about trying out new display mechanisms using the information already available but showing it using new devices that are integrated into maintenance processes.

neuroons builds complex digital twin displays using open source technologies which can be easily integrated into devices with augmented reality capabilities.

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