The AI solution that will identify trips and falls

The AI to tackle workplace accidents and detect personal injury claim fraud

Most businesses in the service, leisure and entertainment sectors live with the constant challenge of personal injury claims. The biggest problem with many of these falls is that the victim does not report them at the time and the video footage of the incident is deleted when the letter arrives from their solicitor claiming damages.

Also, in the field of industry, construction and infrastructure, one of the biggest concerns is genuine workplace accidents. For all these reasons, neuroons has created Fall Detection, a safety and prevention solution in which the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms detect when people trip and falls, or are non-compliance with safety regulations. All on video in real time or scheduled, in order , to activate the agreed corrective action plan.

AI to revolutionise the industry

Fall Detection is a game changer for the insurance industry. It removes the reliance on human resources’ time to watch hours and hours of recordings, automating and improving this tedious work.

It is time for InsurTech, as a collective term for digital improvements in the industry, to embrace the possibilities of AI in claims prevention and fraud detection so that companies can tackle the rising costs of fraudulent personal injury claims and reduce genuine claims through early action.

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