AI Vision

Image processing and analysis for business improvement

Artificial intelligence for optimal image and video processing and analysis

Based on artificial intelligence and the most advanced algorithms and image processing models, neuroons has developed AI Vision, an innovative solution to take full advantage of image and video processing and analysis, and apply the knowledge obtained to improve your business.

AI Vision goes beyond the use of CCTV for security monitoring, as it is able to convert video or image signals into strategic information for decision making.

Wherever there is a human operator manually reviewing CCTV images, there is an opportunity to optimise a process. The AI Vision solution is a revolution as it eliminates the reliance on human resources to view hours and hours of video, whether live or recorded. It automates this tedious and often erroneous work, replacing it with an alarming and alerting solution to highlight incidents worthy of investigation.

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    How does it work?

    AI Vision technology makes it possible to capture images from the source to the artificial intelligence models for the detection of anomalous situations and the generation of events or alerts that are capable of triggering the action protocols established for each case.


    People detection

    We extract some frames from the video stream and feed the AI model to detect objects in the image and identify humans.


    Regions of Interest (ROI)

    Each person identified in the images delimits a region of interest, ROI (Region of Interest), which is compared with a trained classifier to detect body positions compatible with a fall.


    Classification of ROIs

    The fall classifier is trained with a large set of examples that allow us to identify even unusual fall or stumble scenarios.

    Use cases applied to industry

    Smart Retail

    Artificial intelligence and other smart solutions applied in retail and foodservice have given rise to what is known as Smart Retail.

    Thanks to them, these businesses can significantly improve their business performance thanks to advanced data analysis based on the actual customer experience, or what to prioritise in terms of incident management in shops. Aspects such as employee engagement and operational agility are key to retention and loss prevention.

    Fall Detection

    Applied to personal injury claims and fraud prevention, our innovative AI algorithm reads video footage from your existing CCTV infrastructure, identifies trips and falls in real-time and triggers the action plan agreed by your management.

    The time has come for all retailers, employers and guardians of public spaces to harness the power of AI for early fall detection, claims prevention and fraud detection. 

    Social Distancing

    In the new normal, social distance is one of the most effective measures and therefore applied in public spaces such as shopping centres, schools, health centres, beaches, public transport, cultural and sports venues.

    The neuroons solution responds to the need to measure flow, capacity and distance in these environments, based on a neural network architecture that predicts 3D locations and corresponding confidence intervals from 2D human poses.