Internet of things

From connected devices to intelligent assets

Digital Twin | Edge Computing

Digital Twin

It is essential to have a secure virtual depiction of all available physical assets when generating a new business model based on data captured from devices or transforming existing processes with these data. An operator needs to be equipped with a digital twin at both the detail level of a complex device and also the aggregated overview of a fleet of devices.

Setting up the digital twin involves building an integrated and complex system which resolves a number of issues ranging from the purely operational (device provisioning and deprovisioning, security, etc.) to generating valuable information with the data collected.

At neuroons we bring a flexible approach to quickly produce the complete system infrastructure and swiftly focus on generating that valuable information:

For operators we create digital twins with ad-hoc displays and process the time series to mine behavioural patterns and identify anomalies.

For incubating business models we transform data into monetizable information.

For existing processes we generate models using historical data which allow us to test optimisation strategies.

neuroons adopts the right innovation strategy, to better manage the processes and to improve the efficiency of innovation.

Edge Computing

Nowadays, the state-of-the-art of IoT means we have to hand devices or gateways which have decent storage and computing capacity, and this opens the door to shifting part of the processes to the end where the data is generated.

Here at neuroons, we see countless opportunities to optimise the costs of an IoT/IIoT architecture by taking computing to the edge.

We build predictive and optimisation models that are deployed and run at the gateway.

We deliver optimal processing of video surveillance streams.

We certify traceability by writing in blockchains from the edge.

Use cases

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