Our expertise and methodology


neuroons is focused on easing the kinds of changes that will help companies work more efficiently, gain more knowledge about its own business, and make them grow through innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Adaptability and flexibility are two pillars in our proposal since we want to offer new ways of working in a constantly changing market.

Extended Teams Service

Add resources today to boost your project

We provide our global customers with resource solutions focused on enabling them to build and deliver the highest quality software development and integration at speed, on budget and as part of your internal team structure at extremely competitive, fixed hourly or monthly rates.

Ad-hoc Intelligent Solutions

Solutions tailored to our customers needs

We put all our knowledge on the latest Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and New User Interaction technologies at the service of our clients to develop and build customised projects and products based on their specific needs and objectives.

specialized in artificial intelligence neuroons

Support Service

We’re here to help, whenever you need us

When a project ends, we are still here to help. We have a dedicated team of high-level specialists to assist our customers and offer quick management and resolve all kinds of incidents.

Reasons to trust neuroons 

  • Sector specialism
  • Highly trained and specialized staff
  • Client model adaptation
  • Commitment to our clients
  • Quality certification
  • ¬†

Sector specialism

Multi sector, with proven expertise in Communications, Finance, Media, Govern, Pharma, among many others.

Highly trained and specialized staff

Highly qualified professionals with proven experience and fully certified skill sets. Specific knowledge and specialization to provide the exact expertise required by the project.

Client model adaptation

Project trained and oriented for an easy onboarding. Specific process frameworks to control and monitor our performance, providing clarity on the work done, or process adapted to your demands.

Commitment to our clients

We join your project to form one team working together, committed to delivering the highest level of satisfaction. We always put ourselves in your shoes and consider your requirements and needs.

Quality certification

ISOs 9K, 14K, 20K, 27K, ITIL Model, standard or Agile Methodology adapted to client needs and requirements.

Top-level Partners

We are an international IT solutions provider, partner of the leading cloud service providers and technology companies.