Energy efficiency

IoT and Data Visualisation for real-time energy efficiency and substantial costs savings

Real-time analytics to increase energy optimisation and efficiency, and save energy consumption and money

Continuous Improvement Data Technology. Empowering manufacturers to achieve peak plant performance.


Reducing energy consumption and the waste from large industrial organisations, thanks to the combination of engineering solutions and cutting-edge technology, brings sustainable and positive long-term solutions to the planet and, importantly, helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

Today, many industries like food manufacturing, glass production, and petrochemicals with industrial processes that use large amounts of energy, can benefit from a substantial cost-saving solution.

With a cost-effective and a data-driven optimisation plan, we can achieve an energy cost saving of 21% without affecting product quality and safety. 


Increase in process efficiency


Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

What does our solution allow?

Convert day-to-day incidents to business objectives

Our energy management solution uses the power of data and algorithms to monitor assets and provide recommendations from our experts, so that you can make the necessary changes in near real-time – with minor disruptions – and benefit from ongoing productivity and increased efficiency.


Consolidate, visualise, track and control smart systems across multiple sites, from manufacturing plants to buildings and warehouses.


Gain insight into asset performance through real-time monitoring and analysis. The solution collects detailed data on energy consumption and savings for analysis at asset, process, operational and facility levels.


Activate smart alarms prioritised, so that it’s clearly understood which ones need an immediate and urgent response, and which ones can be left for later.


Replicate scale models built with AI algorithms, so that they can be reused for other use cases.


Maximise the asset lifetime through alerts, thus saving on maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

Advantages of our solution

Energy savings and process efficiency


Reduce carbon emissions

Gain real-time visibility into energy waste and discover the areas in which energy spending can be reduced.


Improve performance with greater efficiency

Progress from planned preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance.


Real-time insight into plant operations

With all the factory data stored in one place, it’s possible to track machine performance anytime, anywhere, on desktop and mobile.

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