Who we are

neuroons, delivering the future today

We recently started our journey powered by OpenSistemas with the mission of innovating and creating disruptive solutions and products, leveraging the most advanced technologies.

We put all our knowledge on the latest Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and New User Interaction technologies at the service of our clients and society as a whole.

We bring inspiration and real experiences to society through intelligent and connected assets.

Power behind data drives innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and knowledge within the society. Power behind data drives the future.

Together, we can go beyond. Together, we can go one step further.

neuroons, by OpenSistemas ES

neuroons has recently born as part of OpenSistemas’ holding to explore, innovate and create disruptive solutions and products leveraging the newest technologies.

Gain more knowledge about your own company and the changing enviroment, increase revenue, reduce costs, and reinvest in innovation to gain competitive advantage. New technologies make it possible. neuroons makes it possible. Together we can go further.

Born from the open source revolution almost 20 years ago, OpenSistemas is today a well-known technology consulting firm with an international team of experts focused on helping their clients select and implement the technology that is best suited to their current operating needs, budget and long-term growth requirements.

We’re passionate about understanding & knowledge

We’re fierce defenders of the power of data.

We’re made for innovation.

We’re delivering the future today.