Reasons to incorporate artificial intelligence into your company

 Reasons to incorporate artificial intelligence into your company

The implementation of artificial intelligence in companies has become unstoppable, and it is a crucial technology in the short, medium and long term.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “artificial intelligence” more than once, because this technology has been part of the conversation in companies for some time now. However, only those companies that are committed to innovation and technology have started to implement it. More and more professionals agree and defend that AI is going to be one of the key technologies to achieve business success.

Artificial intelligence is key to the profitability of companies

The truth is that it is thought that in the next few years, most companies will implement artificial intelligence technology to optimise their business, and that automatic learning has many advantages, among others:

  • It makes work easier.
  • It simplifies the processes.
  • It promotes the development of new products.

In short, different epigraphs that mean that the productivity of the company will improve, making the company succeed in a greater percentage.

 What is artificial intelligence technology and what is it for?

Artificial intelligence is technology developed to simulate the way the brain processes information. In this technology, different scientific processes are combined, allowing artificial intelligence to analyse and solve problems autonomously.

In short, it can be said that artificial intelligence seeks to facilitate processes, making people’s lives easier.

However, you may still be wondering what this technology can do for you. We will tell you how artificial intelligence can be applied:

  • Automate processes. Thanks to artificial intelligence, different manual tasks can be mechanised. In this way, they can be carried out in less time and using fewer resources. The benefits of process automation are increased productivity as well as process scalability.
  • Analyse data. There is no doubt that nowadays, big data is the protagonist. We are in the midst of the data age, so a large amount of key information is generated daily to make strategic decisions. Artificial intelligence helps to see which of these data are interesting for prescriptive decision making.
  • Assistance to clients. Artificial intelligence can also be applied to incorporate tools for providing response and attention to customers. In this way, chatbots are being improved exponentially to provide better service and attention to customers.
  • Helping teams. Artificial intelligence can be used to replace tasks that were previously carried out manually by working to help employees.
  • Innovate. Applying artificial intelligence to a business saves time and resources, allowing it to promote innovation, growth and creativity.
  • Learning capacity. Without a doubt, companies can learn infinitely. When they recognise a fault they are able to record it, preventing it from happening again.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in companies

Artificial intelligence can be applied in many different ways in companies. According to IBM, 39% of organisations in Spain consider that the greatest obstacle to its development is the lack of AI experts in their companies.

According to the same study, 82% of companies in Spain have implemented or are in the process of incorporating AI technology into their processes. It could be said that Spain is at the forefront in the implementation of this technology.

Security, process automation and customer service are the main applications that companies choose for artificial intelligence.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is a perfect ally for companies.

Advantages and opportunities of applying artificial intelligence to companies

Without a doubt, we can see the advantages and opportunities offered by applying artificial intelligence to a company in the following examples:

  • In customer service: As we mentioned before, thanks to chatbots, customer service is being managed in a more personalised way, also saving thousands of hours of employee time.
  • Default detection: Another of the great applications of artificial intelligence is precisely for the detection of defaults. The AI can see the user’s level of risk by alerting the financial entity.
  • In marketing: in this field it also has its application and that is that the use of algorithms can be applied to detect errors, predicting trends.