Quantum computing applications in business

 Quantum computing applications in business

 Quantum computing applications in business

Quantum computing is one of the most cutting-edge technologies available today. Thanks to the enormous advances that have been made in recent years in hardware and software, quantum computing is no longer just a theory, but something real.

According to different experts in the field, quantum computing has the potential to offer great business value, solving the most difficult subsets of problems. Although at present, the computer solutions being offered in this sense with quantum gates are high quality cubic operations, the truth is that they are not being applied to solving practical problems. Quantum computing has the potential to outperform supercomputers in terms of processing power in solving complex problems.

Without doubt, the first step in a quantum strategy is the introduction to the capabilities, advantages offered by this technology and the different tools required.

Ways of applying quantum computing in companies

In recent times, different applications of quantum computing have been discovered in the business sector. Among the main ways to get more out of it we can find

  1. Financial services: Banks, financial institutions and investment funds can use quantum computing solutions to reduce their risks and optimise their profits. There are already algorithms that make predictions in this sense, so choosing this type of service will offer a huge competitive advantage to financial companies that have it. They will be able to analyse a multitude of different scenarios, with precise predictions and their valuation in record time.
  2. Health sector: Quantum computing can be applied to pharmaceutical research, helping to bring medicines to the end user. Today the pharmaceutical industry invests a lot of money in clinical trials, and this investment figure could be optimised by predicting the chemical properties and estimating how it will affect the physiology of the human being. Two of the major issues in the health sector in our century are neurological diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. In both cases, quantum software has the potential to accelerate the development of new treatment drugs. It should also be noted that thanks to quantum computing, medication could also be personalised to a specific person using the quantum molecular similarity method.
  3. Supply chain, or logistics sector: One of the most interesting applications of quantum computing to the logistics and transport sector is that of optimising traffic flow. In this way it is possible to reduce times with the focus on the future, automating all the tasks that allow it.

In short, any industry can take enormous advantage of quantum computing. Companies such as Google, NASA, IBM, Volkswagen, Royal Bank of Scotland, Biogen as well as different public and private research centres are already taking their first steps in applying quantum computing to the resolution of their business problems.