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    New eBook: Intelligent Data Lake, harnessing the power of data


    Energy, technology, finance… Are just some of the indutries that are already implementing a new data analysis model that is more efficient, fluid, and capable of predicting trends with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core.

    Which countries invest the most in Quantum Computing?


    Quantum Computing has aroused great interest around the world and will undoubtedly be of great importance in the years to come. In this article we will see which countries are exploring this revolutionary technology. But before we start let’s remember what quantum computing is.

    3 key advantages of external resources for your project


    When it comes to developing a tech project in our organisation that requires a great deal of effort but is only a one-off project, instead of increasing the workforce we can choose to rely on a partner to provide the specialised resources we need.

    environmental impact

    Video: First easy steps to  improving carbon footprint and environmental impact


    Watch now the online fireside chat with Alan Keogh, CEO at Crowley Carbon, and Karl Llewellyn, Country Lead at neuroons, and find out how your company can use your own business data to drive energy efficiency and process optimisation.

    What is explainable AI (xAI) and why has it become critical to your business?


    Is xAI the solution to the “black box” in machine learning? We are in the middle of a revolution: airBnb has revolutionized the way we look for accommodation on our holidays; Uber has transformed the way we move around within cities; Amazon, the way we shop; and Netflix has transformed the way we watch TV.

    What is the current state of the Internet of Things?


    IoT is one of the most relevant and influential technological developments today, it consists of a network of physical objects that have embedded sensors, software and other technologies in order to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. Download this whitepaper to learn more about the current state of IoT.

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