Bots for Customer Care

Redefining customer engagement with AI

Easy support and optimal user experience for the digital-first customer

Customers today expect companies to value their time, and to deliver answers easy and quickly. AI-powered chatbots and bots are the solution: they can deliver effortless, personalized customer service using a blend of bot and human assistance across familiar channels.

Bots based on AI, as chatbots and virtual agents, have become widely available and allow what was once impossible: help customers 24/7, automatically resolve questions without any human intervention, and provide support to multiple customers at once.

From automated messages, to speech recognition services and visual search, AI allows companies to better support their customers’ needs at more touchpoints along their journey.

Customer service bots can improve your support and customer experience, and at the same time, drastically enhance your support team’s efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is changing how we live, work, communicate, and also how we’re able to support our customers, whether they’re asking simple questions or trying to make a purchasing decision.

By using AI-powered bots you will save time, improve the customer experience and build a more robust support experience for your customers.

Now you can redefine your customer engagement with AI. If you’re ready to get started, contact us!



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    Customer Satisfaction Increase


    Resolution of Questions Instanly


    Save up to 800 hours on your team

    What is an AI-based bot, and why do I need one?

    A customer service bot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to answer customer questions with the existing information and resources, like FAQs or knowledge base articles.

    AI services allow to convert speech to text, and analyse the intent and sentiment of text.

    They can recognize and answer multiple forms of the same question because they don’t just use AI to answer questions. They also use it to learn and automatically improve the quality of the support offered in the future. Bots can be trained.


    Improve conversion rates



    Better lead qualification



    Increase cost efficiency



    Personalized and consistent customer experience



    Nudge towards actions



    Save responding time



    24/7 support, available anytime and anywhere