Get now free access for 2021 to Graspway, our powerful, simple, and easy-to-manage e-learning platform, based on the Open edX® platform and WordPress

Save up to 600€ per month in your company training program with our limited offer on Graspway, one of Europe’s easiest to implement and affordable Learning Management Systems (LMS) to all your learning platform goals.

Graspway unites the technology of the Open edX® platform, WordPress and G-Core to offer our users a powerful, simple and easy-to-manage tool, and it will be free for 2021 just for 5 companies for a maximum number of 1000 registered users. 

Developed by OpenSistemas and distributed by neuroons, Graspway gives you the ability to create and show your catalogue of courses as well as a virtual classroom for teachers and students where all the teaching activity takes place. It’s a complete platform with an admin control panel that manages courses, users, subscriptions, certificates, and much more!

Graspway operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, which is scalable, secure, and adaptable to the number of users you need. You are about to start using one of the most powerful e-learning tools in the market. Create online courses, download data and statistics and simplify training at no cost or risk for all 2021 for up to 1000 users.

Don’t miss the chance to get an Advanced Plan on Graspway for free during 2021. Keep reading and find out how Graspway can help your company!

Discover everything you can do with Graspway!

With this offer, you will have everything that’s included on the Graspway’s Advanced Plan:


The best technologies combination: the Open edX® platform, WordPress and G-Core


Integral management platform of online training in SaaS format, easily scalable: choose how many users, the plan and url you need online, in a quick, easy and scalable way


WordPress-based portal: easy editing and publication of content


Virtual classroom based on the Open edX® platform, one of the most powerful, versatile and complete tools on the market


Control panel to manage users, courses and metrics


Responsive: students can enjoy the courses on any device


e-Commerce: create paid subscriptions to different courses, certificates… Graspway includes a payment gateway


Integrated internal messaging system


Complete management of the platform through the different user roles: Admin, Manager, Teacher and Student


Organization builder: editor of areas or divisions of the organization


Integrated video conference with BigBlueButton


Graphic adaptation to your needs. Customize your training platform with your logo, colours, claim and much more!


Multiple student registration by importing a CSV file. And the possibility of exporting a CSV file with the users info


Stats and metrics to measure learning at both course and student level


First steps guide

Terms and conditions of the offer

  • You’ll have unlimited access to the cloud subscription model.
  • You’ll have unlimited number of courses until the 31st of December.
  • You will have the features of the Graspway’s Advanced Plan.
  • Limited to 1000 registered users per client (students, professors, or admins indistinctly).
  • If you don’t continue after 2021, you will be able to export the content of your courses and students. If you don’t, you will lose all the data of your courses.
  • The administrator of the course will need to be independent and will need to add the users by themselves, also will create the courses and play with the platform! Don’t worry, it’s very intuitive. But if you have any problem we are here to help!
  • You’ll enjoy support service during working hours from Monday to Friday on support@graspway.com. Response time is 24 work hours maximum.

Ask us anything!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask:

Kenneth Berry
Manager, Business Development Team

You can also check our FAQ, and take a look at the first steps guide and features.