IoT and Data Visualisation for real-time energy efficiency and substantial costs savings

Real-time analytics to increase energy optimisation and efficiency, and save energy consumption and money

Continuous Improvement Software. Empowering manufacturers to achieve peak plant performance.

Clarity is an advanced real-time analytics platform developed by Crowley Carbon and distributed by neuroons, that allows industrial facilities to reduce energy consumption, improve performance and equipment uptime. Ultimate plant optimisation and essential goals of large organisations anxious to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the Clarity platform, we have the ability to visualize, predict – thanks to advanced analytical models – and test the energy-saving interventions that are being carried out. It delivers energy efficiency results to manufacturing customers through data, software and engineering expertise.


Increase in process efficiency


Saving in energy consumption


Real-time visibility of saving opportunities

Delivering an average of 15% energy & carbon saving with a real return of investment

We typically save our customers tens of thousands of Euros and have non-CAPEX, fully financed cost models.

Clarity Key Strengths

Data Driven

Converts disparate data from one or more sites into a single holistic overview with easily understood dashboards 

System Agnostic

Easily integrated with any existing brand or software, and compatible with all recognised IT security protocols

Value Centric

Delivers benefits beyond initial 15%+ energy reduction, including maintenance saving, preventive downtime, process optimisation and production improvements

Insight Focused

Builds a digital twin of your site to uncover opportunities and convert raw data into actions that drive value

Process Live

Communicates information in real time with live reporting and alerts


Allows dashboards and workbenches to be easily built, tailored and managed by the user to their own site requirements


Continually measures and verifies savings to independent international recognised standards

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