Call for falls

Collaborate in building the AI solution that will identify trips and falls in real time

Share your customer or staff fall CCTV video and take part in a project that will revolutionise the industry

During the pandemic, we developed a clever AI Algorithm that converts human images into traceable and measurable lines, like stickmen. We used this solution to advise retail and campus customers of the volumes of people on their premises, cluster points, typical journey and user experience.

Then one customer asked if we could capture when someone fell. Could the software be trained to ‘see trips and falls and alert a duty manager in real time?

The majority of retail, leisure and entertainment businesses live in fear of Personal Injury Claims. The greatest challenge with a lot of these falls is that the victim doesn’t report the fall at the time and the video record of the incident is deleted by the time the letter arrives from their solicitor suing for damages.

AI to revolutionise the industry

neuroons is building an AI solution that sits on your existing CCTV infrastructure that will identify trips and falls in real time and trigger the agreed action plan set by your management.

The software, which goes under the working name of Falling Man, will be a game changer for the insurance industry. It will remove the reliance on human resource time to watch hours of tape, and it automates and improves the tedious job of watching hours and hours of video tapes.

Businesses are faced with mounting costs of Personal Injury claims.

It’s time for InsurTech, as the collective term for digital improvements to the industry, to embrace the possibilities of AI in claim prevention and fraud detection.

Falling Man is now at a very exciting stage of development. We now need more real fall examples to run the program. Hence we are reaching out to the business asking them to send us any kind of fall, trip or accident they caught on video.


Interested in participating?

Collaborate in the project and ear for your organisation a substantial discount off the product realise.

How? 3 simple steps:


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We will send you a secure RFP link to upload your videos and a quick program to run over your videos to anonymise ( i.e. blur the faces) before you share them


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The development team will keep you updated on the project progress and send you a notification when your videos have been fully deleted (GDPR and ISO compliance).

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